Mobile applications

Mobile applications

Nowadays, the basis of competition between corporations is owning an individual website and webshop, but in the 21st century, living in the world of smartphones, it is also essential to have a mobile application, which could be found by their customers in the easiest possible way in search engines, on Google Play or in the App Store.

Thanks to the explosive spread of smartphones, we can offer a rather new application on the inland market for small, medium and large enterprises.

  • General features of our applications:
  • uniquely designed systems
  • direct connection to banks on request
  • direct interface connection to the customer’s systems
  • stable 24/7 operation, technical support
  • our systems meet the international requirements

We provide service to our customers in the following three fields at the moment:

Developing mobile components of complex systems

In case you need a dedicated mobile application for one of our systems, we can also provide you professional support for that. Our colleagues examine the dimensions of the task, after which they design and construct the unique, customized mobile application.

Developing a mobile APP

You have a good idea, we have expertise and experience. Let us get together and make you the next one, who earned millions with the idea of a good mobile application!

Optimizing websites, webshops and online stores for mobile devices

Have you ever thought about how many people will shortly prefer smartphones over traditional computers and laptops?

Under normal circumstances, a webshop can be accessed from any smartphone using the built-in browser, however, the buttons and menu options are usually calibrated for clicking them with a mouse. Websites have different scales; they can fall apart, making them confusing. This is the problem we offer solutions for, taking your unique requirements and concepts into account.

Case Studies

EMC application (Android and iOS)

EMC application (Android and iOS)

The European Maccabi Confederation is the umbrella organization of the local Maccabi organizations. 36 Maccabi member countries and thousandsof athletes belong to the Confederation.
The European Maccabi Confederation is committed to build and develop long-term the future of the European Judaism through sports, education and cultural programs. The deepening of the Jewish identity and the relations with Israel belongs to its activities.



Our intelligent medication and information “health care” system combines the traditional patient informing systems (patient information leaflets, basic data of pharmacies and pharmacies on duty, timing of medication, etc.) with up-to-date IT solutions. Using our application installed on any mobile device, you can get information about the taken medicine, notice on time of usage, facilitating the management of medication significantly.