Who we are

Who we are

PayTech is an IT developer, researcher and consulting group of companies, looking back on nearly two decades of experience, which is operating in its present form since 2009.

Our mission is to assist the companies/institutions of our partners, who are the participants of both the for- and non-profit sector, in recovery and predomination of the “market”, within and across borders.

Why did we choose the name PayTech?

Nowadays it is important for a company or a product to build up a well-defined brand name.

The name PayTech reflects one of our main scopes of activities, the noncash payment technology, which, according to the challenges of the 21st century, is concentrated on electronic payment, even more specifically on the field of mobile payment.

During the economic crisis our group became stronger, since our partners tried to survive this critical period very often by developments.

From the very beginning we were aiming for entering international markets, since the technology we develop and use, suits the standards of the European and global markets, following the latest trends.

In 2011, together with Europe’s biggest loyalty firm we created a unique IT system (Pa.L.Lo.S), which revolutionizes loyalty programs, built on NFC technology. The introduction of this comprehensive business solution was successfully completed.

This was the first project where our client came from across the borders of our country, followed by German and Dutch IT orders, and today we can tell that our group of companies has engraved its name on the palette of the European IT market.

  • What you should know about our group of companies:
  • we are on the market for nearly 20 years
  • we are working with our own development team of 15 people
  • we are market leaders in our country in the field of mobile payment
  • 80% of our employees are college graduates
  • the ratio of women in our management is 33%
  • the average age of our employees is 26
  • fluctuation among our employees is remarkably low
  • we have financially stable background
  • our group is profitable since our foundation
  • we are working in a category “A” office
  • our systems are prepared in our unique development environment
  • we start D&R projects every year
  • we are working with IT assets suitable for European standards
  • among our partners you can find state and governmental organizations, as well as inland and international companies

Our team

team member
Tamás Iványosi-Szabó

He founded his first company during his college studies back in 1995, already in the same fields of activities. During the nearly twenty years of his career he participated in designing, constructing and installing several IT systems. Besides performing his tasks of management, he is still engaged mostly in system design. He is proud of Art of Parking the most of all the implemented projects.

team member
Gábor Pozsár

He has been dealing with financial and commercial activities since the beginning of the ‘90s. In 2009 he was working in the leadership of an inland, market leader trading company, when he realized the possibilities in PayTech and decided to continue exploiting his talents here. He is proud of the unified corporate governance and accounting systems the most of all the implemented projects, which were introduced in more than 30 TISZKs nationwide.

team member
Krisztina Csikós

She started to work at our group of companies in 2010, first in the tender consulting line of business as an assistant, and a few years later as an office manager, acquiring outstanding experience on the field. Besides performing her office manager tasks, she contributes to the establishment of the company group’s international relationships with her stable English knowledge, as well as carrying out tasks of a director of finance. With her amicability, she contributes to the pleasant tone of communication and maintaining good relationships, within our group of companies and with our partners as well.

team member
Csaba Sáray
development lead – software development line of business

After graduating university, his interest turned towards web based applications, and joined our team in 2002. He worked out the bases of our two unique development environments, Viola™ and Júlia™ . His main task is to decide on the currently applied IT solutions, the structural design of systems and coordinating the development team. He is proud of our GWT based development environment ( Júlia™ ) the most of his works.

team member
Dr. Eng. András Zsuffa

András is working with us since more than ten years, participated in all of our international projects. He is leading the IT operation team of PayTech and works together with Tamás in system designs. He is proud of our state-of-the-art IT operation environment the most, which fulfills the highest security standards.