Case Study

EMC application (Android and iOS)

Client: European Maccabi Confederation

The European Maccabi Confederation is the umbrella organization of the local Maccabi organizations. 36 Maccabi member countries and thousandsof athletes belong to the Confederation.
The European Maccabi Confederation is committed to build and develop long-term the future of the European Judaism through sports, education and cultural programs. The deepening of the Jewish identity and the relations with Israel belongs to its activities.


Our company has been asked to develop an Android and iOS application, which supports and helps the self-organization of the members of the Confederation. The registered members can use news, events and forums. In addition to organizational frameworks, it is possible to communicate, organize events or just get acquaintances and friendships based on geographical location.


The implementation has been enriched that we regularly had to keep contact with project managers from several countries. The first step has been the preparation of a specification of requirements, which we specified during the development and the weekly meetings if it was necessary. Before starting the development, the Design Lead decided that we will not write the code in two languages but we shall use the brand new Ionic Framework (a.k.a. Cordova) instead. The Framework has got several updates during the development, therefore we had to modify already prepared modules several times, but even despite of this our job has been easier.

Year of implementation: 2016-2017

  • Main technical features of the system:
  • Ionic 3.3
  • Angular 4.1
  • Typescript 2.3.3
  • Apache Cordova 7
  • HTML5
  • SASS
  • Main components:
  • registration
  • organizations
  • events
  • forum
  • best practices
  • badges
  • who is nearby?