Case Study

BoatBooKing boat booking management system

Client: TS Boat Booking GmbH -

The BoatBooKing boat booking management system is a complex, multilingual system with automated payment that was developed for international use, including a public interface, an administration interface and a partner interface created for the company’s direct customers.


The task was to develop a professional boat booking management system that would also appear on the international market, which would meet the expectations of the profession and be able to communicate luxury to potential renters at a high level.


In the second half of 2019, we started the design and implementation of the boat booking managemenet system in close cooperation with our customer. MígWhile our client introduced us to the operation of the sailing market, during our regular consultations, our team tried to help not only with its IT knowledge, but also with its business and marketing experience to make the end result not only spectacular but also profitable.

The efficient operation of the boat booking system required the creation of an operator interface. With the development of the administrative interface, we have created a browser-based, responsive interface that fully handles currently known business needs.

The maximum flexibility of the system is easily demonstrated during continuous use, as it has a modular design. This means that if the activity is expected to expand, the features of the software can be easily expanded thanks to the plug-ins, and the existing toolbar can be fully customized.

We have created a partner interface that is extremely user-friendly and because this is a multi-user system, all of the registered partners of our client can seamlessly manage their data at the same time.

The data displayed on the public interface is uploaded via the administration and the partner interface. The site has an easy-to-use, multi-level intelligent search system and, as it is responsive, can be conveniently operated on a tablet or mobile as well.

Right now we are working on the development of a mobile application belonging to the site, which is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2021.

  • Main features of the system:
  • homogeneous technological bases: Lara™, PHP
  • LAMP environment
  • central, MySQL based data storage
  • Linux server operating system
  • multilingual
  • multi-user
  • browswer and plugin independent

Main components:

  • Public interface
  • new customer registration
  • new partner registration
  • boat booking with integrated bankcard payment solution
  • Administration interface
  • customer relationship management (CRM)
  • partner managemenet
  • handling boats
  • complete booking management
  • automated invoicing
  • statistics
  • Partner interface
  • booking management
  • full management of boat data sheets
  • statistics
  • setting discounts
  • damage event management

Year of implementation: 2019-2020